“As far back as I can remember fashion, beauty, and hair has been apart of me.”

After spending so much money every other month in the beauty supply stores purchasing hair for new sew-ins, Ashlyn took a leap of faith and decided to start purchasing Brazilian hair bundles from a small company she found while looking online.

After using this vendor for over a year, she stepped out on faith and decided to start her own hair company. In the fall of 2012 Fab Chic Premier Hair was born. Months of testing samples, creating the logo, and getting the website together, a new vision was born.

Initially offering only Brazilian body wave, loose wave, straight and curly, Fab Chic Premier Hair has grown every year since its inception.

Along with her love of hair, Ashlyn has added lashes, as well as hair care products to enhance the looks of all ladies so that their outer radiance matches their inner beauty.

At fab chic premier hair we strive to provide you with the absolute best in hair, hair care, customer service and overall great experience to make you want to continue shopping with us.

We also want to help new and upcoming entrepreneurs with starting their own business with our fab wholesale program.

So let us say welcome to Fab Chic Premier Hair, where elegance and fab street style intermix!!!!

With Love,