Wigs 101: What items are needed

Hi loves!!! So it’s been awhile since my last blog post and that was about the benefits of wearing wigs. I’m currently on my third made wig (go check out our instagram page J). I had someone approach me and ask what products I use when it comes to constructing my wigs. So I wanted to take the time to make this post strictly about the items I personally use and what you may find helpful to you whether it’s your first time making a wig or it’s your 20th time.  So I present to you our Fabchic Wig Guide 101!!!

  1. Wig Head


  • You can go with a foam wig head or for better security I recommend using a canvas blockhead mannequin. I’ve used both in making my wigs and prefer the canvas blockhead. Canvas heads offer different circumference sizes (21”-24”), with 21” and 22” being the most common sizes for everyone’s head. Make sure you measure your head BEFORE you order one.
  1. Mannequin Head Tripod


  • A tripod is a great investment when making wigs. You can place your wig head on the stand and create stability when sewing or gluing your wigs.
  1. Wig Caps



  • There are many options available, but these are the ones that I use. They’re fit perfectly to your head, are stretchable, and come in two sizes regular and extra large.
  1. Sewing Needles



  1. Thread



  1. T Pins



  • T pins are important to have when you’re making wigs. They keep not only the wig cap and frontals in place on the mannequin head; they are used when placing bundles on the wig cap to make sure you have the correct length.


  1. Glue Gun (Optional/ Alternative)



  • For those who either are not comfortable with sewing or if you want to make your wig quickly, I recommend using a hot glue gun to make your wigs.
  • Reminder: Whether you’re making a wig using a closure or a frontal, you will still have to SEW the closure or frontal down onto the wig cap.